A lot of brides these days want to use their own makeup artist and hair stylist for their wedding day.  This option may provide veil draping for the bride, still leaving details to be managed for sari draping for your bridal party.  This leaves the bride with a dilemma on her hands. Should you go with the all-in-one bridal package that provides hair/makeup/draping for one price? Do they provide draping for the rest of your bridal party? Or would you rather use your own make up artist and hire someone to take care of the draping duties for the day? If you fall in the latter category, you’ve come to the right place!

For such an important day, the peace of mind that someone will be there to style you and your bridal party on time for your wedding is definitely worth it. It’s one less detail to manage to ensure perfection and eliminate wardrobe malfunctions.  If you already have your hair and makeup artist(s) and are looking for someone to drape your bridal sari / dupatta for your wedding, contact me for availability or any other questions you may have.

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